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Climate Control Resources has extensive experience with boiler start-up, installation and service.

A boiler is a hydronic system that uses water or steam to heat your space. In a hot water system the boiler heats the water, while a circulator moves the water through pipes that lead to the baseboard heater, radiators or radiant tubing. In a steam system, the boiler turns water into steam, which then rises through the pipes to steam radiators. Boilers can be used in residential and commercial settings, there are two primary types of boilers, Firetube and Watertube. Firetube boilers are common to low pressure steam and hot water applications, say ranging from a 500,000 to a 75,000,000 BTU; while Watertube boilers tend to be used in higher pressure steam applications ranging from around 500,000 BTU to over 20,000,000 BTU.


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